Redding Collegiate Academy is accredited in all grade levels by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. As a school, we continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of each program offered. We continually modify our instructional practices and personalized learning programs to meet the needs of our students. As a hybrid independent study school, we intentionally build in the flexibility for students to enroll in college classes, utilize our online learning options, take onsite courses, use traditional textbooks, participate in project-based learning, participate in electives, clubs, field trips and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

Empowering every child, every day to make a better world is Enterprise Elementary School District's vision statement. Our desire is to work collaboratively with students, families, staff and our community to provide the best possible education for each student. We utilize 21st century curriculum and teaching strategies to challenge our students academically. Our goal is to help all students develop the skills to be college and career ready. We encourage students to explore their interests and to become responsible citizens. Academic achievement, social and emotional development, and character education are paramount.

Enterprise Elementary School District provides ongoing teacher training and collaboration time for staff. Each of our schools offers literacy coaches, educational technology coaches, and school counselors to help guide student learning and to assure teachers are prepared to help students meet the education and technology needs of the 21st century.