Welcome Statement from Principal


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Welcome to the Redding Collegiate Academy (RCA), where we challenge students to become the innovators and explorers of tomorrow. We customize your child’s learning experience by providing a personalized educational plan in an environment where children thrive. RCA’s commitment to building a strong partnership with families is bound to our core belief that, "when we work as a team, we can focus on the most important elements of each child’s success.”


RCA is a high-performing preparatory school that blends best practices of traditional instruction with e-learning, and real world experiences to equip TK-12 students for life.

Becoming part of the RCA family makes you part of wonderful educational experience that not only propels your child toward reaching their academic potential, but also fosters their development of ideals, values, and the pursuit of interests.

RCA believes that by working together, we can cultivate students’ knowledge through many rigorous, interest-based, relevant, and high- quality learning experiences.

RCA helps students to identify their character strengths and continue to build them each year. We know that when students become aware of their strengths and then infuse them into educational experiences, the benefits will continue through college and into adulthood.

We are excited that you will be joining us for a year filled with learning adventures. Call the Redding Collegiate Academy office at (530) 224-4240 to find out about the customized learning options for your child.


Chuck Seligman

Chuck Seligman, Principal RCA